Self Portraits

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Multiple Exposure Self Portraits–Rethinking the Selfie, October 2014

Inside the empty atoms of my empty body are the stories I’ve been told. The world, the various versions of myself–week after week, year after year–marking the walls with the residue of memory, cool cathedrals of meaning. Sometimes perched like dew drops in the brilliance of comprehension, sometimes clinging like confused dust on old photographs of love lost. My distractions, my dissatisfactions, my attractions and my passions–all like vagabonds in the land of identity, traveling with me, just outrunning the sensation of choice. Inside the empty atoms of my empty body is a question. How will I fill with the next story, the next step, the next view? There’s a clarity in not knowing, it’s the beauty of growing. I see now that yesterday can never be mature, tomorrow can only play the part, and today–today I am many things.

All multiple exposures taken in-camera using Canon 70D.