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Two Necessary Scathing Articles on Modern Yoga

There's nowhere more enriching to be than on the slippery slope. I hope we don't fall off.

1. "Create, trademark, and brand your own style of yoga. Who cares about lineage anymore anyway? Combine yoga with a martial art and circus act. For example, Kung Fu, Yoga, and Mime. Then throw in some Tantra for the sex, Buddhism for spirituality, and some obscure Vedic practices (nevermind the contradiction of it all – no one will notice) and not only can you be your own guru – you can be everyone else’s too!" READ.

2. "I recently had the dubious pleasure of interacting with certain members of the Yoga community, which only served to drive home the point that the ancient wisdom tradition had been appropriated, annexed and colonized, much like the cultural appropriation of Native American, Asian, African and other indigenous traditions by vendors of low-brow pop culture. Moreover, it had been totally stripped of any connection with the culture which gave it birth, Hinduism, and now only had the most tenuous links with the esoteric science it claimed to represent." READ.